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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I fucking hate Sean Hannity, that retarded bastard!

I planned on listening to music all day while cleaning my fucking house and here I checked my AM coast to coast radio station just to see what kind of stuff was on during the day, since I don't listen to it during the night and only at night.

My god, what a bad mood this fucker put me in while making Ice-Tea and my famous green bean cassorole. I bleached my tiolet while this fucker spewed his hate and negativity. He says what he wants to say and then cuts off the callers when he doesn't like what their sayin'. He is very belittleling, condescening and majorly passive-aggressive. That's his job, just imagine getting paid to be an asshole! I wanted to crawl right thru my headphones and beat his ass.

I watched his crappy little show on cable before and it just makes me sick. How can this prick have his own show? He gets paid to sit there all day and talk pure rubbish, he's full of hate and anger and you should hear how he gets all pumped up when people call up and lick his ass. He's sick in the head and not the good kind- He needs to see a therapist about this. Or up his meds.

I laughed my ass off when he kept playing a clip where Obama even openly states his dislike for him. haha. Mr. Obama saying he'd sic someone on him! lol. I love it!

P.S. I love Bleach!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I know I'm going to feel this way until you kill it...

I want you
I want you
Im going to say it once again til I instill it
I know Im going to feel this way until you kill it
I want you
I want you

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Sounds like we have a new President"... He is Political Poetry!

That's how I found out!

I walked out of the library into the streets @ around 7:45pm, walked on over to Starbucks to get me a coffee 'cause I was freezing. When I took my money out to pay the dude behind the counter he said "put that money away, it's free for you". Me thinking I was being Punk'd or something, still trying to pay the weisel. He said "it's free because you have that" and pointed to my *I voted* sticker on my sweater. I was stoked. I never get anything for free! I said "wait, I have 2 more" and opened my sweater to show the other 2 stickers on my shirt. haha. It didn't work. Oh well, worth a shot. As I truned around to leave an intire barrage of people came in. I was all happy telling them about all the free coffee. They already knew. I asked them how they knew, they said "it was on the radio". Ohhhh. Haha. I scurried out into the street, crossed the street and heard a collective loud ass cheer and celebrating from what I thought was a desolite downtown. I heard some guy yell "did he win?" I hurried towards the historic 3rd floor bar to see what it was all about. The distinguished doorman w/ his iphone in hand said to me as I walked up to him, "sounds like we have a new president" as he looked down at his iphone trying to check. He let me in, I ran to the big screen T.V.'s and just saw a sea of people celebrating. I couldn't believe I was standing there while history was just being made, my soul wept, felt warm and I, we all felt hopeful. Strangers hugging each other.
When I came back out the doorman said "their giving free ice-cream out at Ben & Jerry's (me not liking ice cream that much-only rocky road) I was on a mission because it was free. I told the doorman "I'm gonna go get my ice cream" and he said w/ such conviction "go on girl, go get your ice-cream". haha. I get there but the door is locked. Some other girl & guy popped up. I told her to pout. We did. It worked. The owner came over & let us in. I told him he was a good man. After that I left somewhere, just all mixed up. Then the couple I met back @ Starbucks came up to me, where I was standing by a sign that read 'Free Pizza'. I was clueless until they pointed to it. haha. Wake up Raven. So we pop in, stand in a very short line. Watching the big screen. All these cute boys stroll in & we stood there saying "I think McCain doesn't have 4 years left in him" and how we would like a president that could stand (I'm sorry-it's mean-sorry McCain and I mean that sincerly). We kept high-fiving each other & cracking jokes! I left down the street w/ that couple to a bar they said were giving away $10.00 gift certificates. We went down the cold street and people on bikes came flying down waving the American flag and ringing their bells. We all cheered and yelled. We got to the bar & watched parts of McCain's concession speech. It was really lovely. I was suprised. There's no doubt McCain loves America & he was sincere, for the first time ever in Raven history did I like a republican's concession speech. I really did. Both speeches were given quietly and sincerely. I didn't want to leave, but unfortunately I had to get home. I came home with a sence of good-disbelief. I closed all my windows and turned on my AM radio, still in total disbelief. Why you ask? I never thought we would know so soon, not on the 4th! Remember what happened w/ Kerry-we didn't know until the next day. It was all like spinning me in circles. I felt I missed out on everything not having my TV moved in yet. You know how much I love my CNN! I caught only parts of Obama's speech. Got it later. I stayed up until 4am listening to all the different stations. Smothering myself with all the outpouring of the beautiful reactions from all around the World! Paris, Germany, Africa, Indonesia and other countries woke up to the news and were waving American flags and crying! This makes me feel so happy, like America/we redeemed ourselves. People like us again. Bush was an absolute assult and an embarrassment to not only America but the intire world, even the deer & all the little animals were bitching about it to each other at night when no one was around. Grazing on their grass-"what a fuckhead & were drowning". What a relief guys! We can all Exhale now. I went to bed w/ a smile on my face & a big fat warm throbbing heart.


Welcome our 44th President!

I can almost feel the change in the air already.

We just made HISTORY! When Obama was born, people of his skin colour couldn't even vote in some parts of America and many were killed when trying! Obama even won Ohio, Iowa, Florida (Florida people!-that use to be a die-hard RED STATE) and Virginia, the first canidate of his party in 44 years to do so!

The day of the 4th was weird for me, almost went too smooth & almost perfect (sorry about Prop. 8, we tried! I have a feeling something's gonna happen here, your'll see!) that it was hard to believe. I woke up, walked to my polling place (a elementry school) voted around 2:30ish? went to the library & in just a handful of hours, walked out and we have a new President!!!

Mystical incantations, call it what you will- even all the gods voted for him, for they have had enough!

If I were you, I'd do what I did & go out & buy today's Newspaper and save it to show your grandchildren. This is one for the record books, rather you voted for him or not.

We have a lot of Democrats in the senate and only 75 days left until we get rid of this parasite, this cancer we called a "president" and hand the tourch over to Barack, fill the air w/ this lovely sencitive man that give hope into office. There's this hunger in America, we need to heal from the last past 8 years we were served mounstrous lies & stood by as our souls evaporated into the abyss. We need to heal & Obama is our rehab, our "make things right" guy, our teacher we can & will learn a lot from. He's not only well read, well spoken and well educated (doesn't it feel nice to have a smart president for a change?) He gives hope to many people-for different reasons. Seriously-think about it, he was raised by a single mother, wasn't raised w/ a silver spoon in his mouth, does not come from money! He studied hard, made it to the top w/ perserverance, ambition and persistence. He had no "connections", like Bush jr. and his daddy. He snuck up on us and came out from nowhere it seems and WON! So, he understands-he's for the poor and middle class, not rich oil greedy old men w/ no souls & black hearts. I bet even those sickies Al Qaeda were secrectly happy that Obama won. Maybe their plans to wanna fuck w/ us will dissipate?

Something I found amusing, I could just imagine the words muttered underneath Bush's breath when Obama won, but he had called him up and invited him and his family over for dinner at his ranch. He had to. It's only politically correct!

I love this sence, this feeling I get with Obama and everything that surrounds this man and his ideas. I loved how his little girls came out on stage skipping. ...I finally -and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I just might put up an American flag in front of my home. A first ever for me. I caught myself thinking this yesterday.

Obama - He is political poetry and he'll move thru us and America with Grace.

P. S. I'm going to try and make it to his inauguration (swown in and parade) on January 20th, so I can really experience fellowship, a common ground and just love from total strangers. Sometimes that's the best. I am a part of History being made. ...And I look foward to seeing how this story unfolds-

I was supossed to go see Obama & Hillary back in January of this year when they came thru my town BUT I had the flu really bad and was couch-ridden. I'll regret this until the day I die!

...And Tori we found our Mr. Lincoln! No cause for sneezing! ;o)

Now watch this

Hey! Barack & I have another thing in common-both our grandmother's name is Madeline! So sweet! I found this to be so sweet. His Grandmother voted for him before she died. I wish she would have lived to see him win this, I take comfort in thinking she some how knows. ;o)

The campaign says Obama's late grandmother voted by absentee ballot for her grandson before she passed away.

It is so sad that Senator Obama's grandmother died just one day before she had the chance to see her grandson become the next President of the United States of America. 'President Barack Obama' .

I had to add this little sidenote: I was thumbing thru one of my "gossip mags" about 4 months ago and found Barack's work out routine, I tore it out and have been doing his work out ever since. haha. It's easy and for people on the go like him and me. :o) . I thought this was amusing. So when people ask me "how'd you do it?" I'll say "it's all Barack's fault". lol.

See more photos at my myspace 'Obama Album'

The Senate is only getting hotter! We have the hottest Senate around!

Two hotties! How many more can we get into office?

Thanks to the Nov. 17th issue of Newsweek magazine for pointing me to Scout Tufankjian 's stunning images of the Obama campaign. Her images are front row tickets to his long journey thus far. These photographs touched my soul. You must check these out. So interesting!

*Change is gonna come*

Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't forget to VOTE Tomorrow!!! It's the BIG DAY! YES on Prop 2, No on prop 8!

If you live in California—or even if you don't!—you've probably heard all about Prop 2, the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act. Prop 2 concerns a law that would take effect in 2015 to eliminate veal crates, gestation crates, and battery cages in California. In other words, calves, sows, and hens would finally be given enough space to simply turn around, lie down, and stretch their limbs.

I find it VERY sad that this even has to be considered, what is wrong with people? Um, yeah, it would be lovely if the poor animals could turn around, stretch and move their limbs. WTF? I read this in my booklet and was almost weeping.

Nobody has the right to tell people who they can or can not love and marry!!! We only have one life to live and anyone's lucky IF they do find love while being on this plane. Even if that person so happens to be of the same sex. Right now, I'm in love w/ my frog! haha. But seriously people.