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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave

*I got my copy already and haven't had time to read it, altho. I read all the Excerpts they had on the site before hand. I Love the sick fact that Nick and I think a lot alike. LOL. Some made me laugh(Bunny moonwalking to the window while the pier is on fire, a sista sucking him off while his wife is on the phone popping sleeping pills(sound familiar? lol)and I think he knows more about woman's make-up then I do! haha), others PISSED me off, sometimes finding myself calling him a pervert and a Genuis in the same breath and he's just sooo into detail it's a total turn on for me (it's a Virgo thing). There are 3 different covers and I choose the one with the Bunny sticking his tongue out like a little brat and it's like me. I for sure wasn't going to get the one w/ the woman's crouch or the one w/ that Super-soft bunny, he was too fluffy and annoying, I just wanted to kick his head off his shoulders or blast him! I LOVE my cover! *sticks tongue out*
So this is pretty damn interesting.

On September 3rd Nick Cave's new book, The Death of Bunny Munro, was published by Canongate.

That's worth mentioning in its own right; but it gets better. Rather than just making do with a standard hardcover book, Cave has also created a deluxe box set featuring an audio CD version, read by himself, which includes a soundtrack by he and his long-time collaborator, the largely-bearded Warren Ellis. On top of that, there's also a download version, which has been especially mixed to be listened to on headphones. Smart eh? And according to this Guardian article, the download version includes an enhanced edition available as an application for the iPhone, which you can both read and listen to!

And heck, they're not done there, as there's also a signed, numbered, limited edition slip-cased edition being made available exclusively through the book's microsite, where you can also check out audio samples of the book/soundtrack, and video clips of Cave reading.

It feels like a fantastic mash-up of formats (the marketers might call it convergence), perfectly suited to Cave's polymath tendencies. Here's a man who's made (often incredible) music, lectured on love, written a novel (And the Ass Saw the Angel, being re-published at the same time as Bunny Munro), and who even wrote the screenplay for a fantastic movie, The Proposition.

It's a frankly disgusting amount of talent for one man.

Looks like there also might be some kind of tour - you can sign up for news on the site.

The iphone app of Nick cave's Bunny Munro. It's just been approved by Apple (yay!). Quite a relief that, I can tell you.

There is some info here, along with a short stop-motion demo film about Bunny that I hope you like:

and the blog has details of obsessive attention to detail on the type and icon stragies:

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