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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

fuck doctors!

So I'm back from the doctors, it was my first time meeting this doctor and still just so very unsatisfied. When will I find a doctor that will pay attention & listen to me and my needs?

He was, as always, as they all are, in a hurry. Laughing my questions off and having a condescending energy about him.
All my questions were silly and I was waisting his time.

I will have to make yet another appt. for the problem he didn't care to help. I will have to continue my search for a doctor who actually takes his/her time w/ me, actually cares about my well being and knows me by my first name. You know that hometown feel. Remember when doctors did house calls and brought their little bags! Haha...I am going to have one of those doctors someday.

So I walked away w/ a perscription for Amoxicilion and crap cough syrup that doesn't even work, even tho he proclaimed it was "pretty strong & potent". My ass-it's lousy!! I even double-downed on the dosage and still I'm coughing up a lung, maybe two.

I often wonder if these fucking medicines even really work & if these doctors even know what the fuck their talking about? I started taking the medicine and right after I started feeling worse! I kid you not! Wtf?
-I'm still trying to figure out this one...

I have tonsilitis, which he laughed off. Fucker. And with his boring speech about washing hands-ur telling this to a OCDer that washes her hands 50 million x's a day dumb-ass.
I have mucus/flem and it's constant.
Burning chest, ears itching deep inside, constant rough dry cough.
So much coughing that it gives me a headache. Chills, fever, hot sweats and sore/achey.

This blows and yes, I'm unproductive and can't seem to ever get these fucking pictures and blog up because I keep getting sick. Maybe I'll have them up by St. Patricks day! Surely! If not- I'll blow. In many different ways!

I use homeopathetic stuff too. I wish I had my own Indian medicine woman! I'll have to start reading books, well more than I have been.

So I go to Longs, get my perscriptions filled & shop around while I wait. I must've been hungry because I got all kinds of things, haha, which is weird when I'm sick I don't like eating!

I scored me some Otter Pops, remember those?, on sale for a dollar! Bu-yah! Got me some candy to ride on to ride on, they say that your cavities can't go there.
Ok, it's the retarded cough syrup talking guys! I also grabbed me some Eggo waffles, doesn't that sound good? Now go out & buy some!
I got cheese & crackers, you know those little lunchables? I got licorice, m&m's that were on sale for 3 for a dollar! Don't think I forgot the Reeses pieces either, I don't want ET on my back. I got soup of course (yuck-but it's a thing you do when ur sick) I got, get this, corn beef hash, omg weird! I haven't had that for like 7 years! I got a lame ass TV dinner and oh yeah some nail polish! I was all dumb fat and happy. Haha. I reassure you I don't usually eat crap like this, I mean- it was so weird that I even had to write about it! Haha.

Then I pranced home ever so gayly (ok, maybe not) to watch the Super Tuesday turn out.

So, there's my story and I'm sticking to it. Now go find me a good doctor while I have me my blue Otter Pop! Tee, hee. ;o)

P.s. Don't over dose

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