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Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm gonna start blogging my weird ass dreams

For years... For as long as I can remember I have weird dreams, the weirdest of the weirdest dreams. I've decided to write them down now. It's a shame I haven't done this a long long time ago-because I had some real doozies. Haaa baaa! It's my sleeping pills AND my very vivid imagination. I told my doctor about these dreams and how they seem so "real life like".
He said it was infact the sleeping pills-this I already knew.

Wish I would have started blogging yesterday morning w/ that real yummy sex dream (I hardly get these-so I'm feeling lucky when I do!), Lisa and Jim walking w/ me to look at my old school? Haha. lenny kravitz flying out of the sky, that republican huckabee dude w/ his weird ass eyes and my new camera breaking (which I have a lot of those-my cameras breaking) that and my teeth falling out. The 2 dreams I have over and over and over again- I'm getting chased by a T-rex all the time, and the 2nd dream I have the most are of my fish. Yes, I dream about my fish a lot and it's usually sad-like their going down the bathtub drain and I'm running to save them. Or their out flying around and talking to me.

This morning was no big deal really-but still I decided to blog these suckers 'cause they can be so bazzar! Haha. Haw.

This morning I had a dream I was working out w/ a young Joan Collins, she had a headband on. Richard Simmons was there too.
And somone else that would have made this story worth wild, but by now-writing all this-Ihave forgotten already who it was and the ret of my dream. Damn'. If I remember later I will for sure come back and jot it down. It was good I assure you because I woke up laughing going wtf?

* Some of you may have received a text message from me about 2 1/2 weeks ago saying "to be careful, I was having bad dreams and feelings about death"... Well, yeah, that was a crazy week for me and I was having death nightmares & dreams for an entire week or two. I woke up from having a "real life like dream about Tori (Amos) dying & it was so real what she was telling me, it was scary. And I was dreaming about Heath Ledger and I was talking to him in death and he was asking me what happened to him and where was he. It was so sad. I had to keep telling him it was an accident. Then I felt he was "inbetween", he wasn't ready to go. He just wanted to sleep, that was all! I was having dreams of upright ware wolf men I saw on The History Channel and seeing him out on my balcony in the rain... My.

"The things that you find in the rain, the things that you find-yeeeessss"-

So sometimes my nightmares & dreams bleed into my real life and you might get a "weird" text from me every now and then- but just love me. Meeeeeeeeeeeeee! 'Cause I love youuuuu. Muah.

To be continued...

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Persephone Sea said...

By the way spelling will be off, I'm not a morning person.

Ask anyone that knows me. Haha.

Takes me a while to wake up too.