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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

HAPPY EARTH DAY! for those who care...

It's Earth day, one of my very favourite day's of the year to celebrate besides Halloween & St. Patrick's Day.

So, it is Earth Day and I'm the only one who cares anyways. (Which is horrific to say the least).
So why bother writing a blog of how you can (and should) do your part, if you're "too busy" to read it. So I'm not going to waste my time. It makes me laugh when people say they don't have time to help save the very thing their living on. Their stupid, they just don't get it do they. If the planet all goes to hell, what's the point to that fucking job, schooling, cars, etc. That you're so busy maintaining?

You should have a healthy balance of giving and taking. Help in small ways everyday and it will add up. Trust me.

I wish everyone would understand this.

Well. I'm going to have a good day on this beautiful day, perfect weather-thank you Mother Earth. I'm going to go take a nice walk and enjoy my surroundings while I can! Just know that I've done my part and I continue to everyday, not on just this one day a year.

Thanks for all you have given us.
Nature is my best friend. Never let's me down. I promise to be delicate with you.

...And I apologize for those who aren't. :o(

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