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Monday, April 14, 2008


This shit is so scripted and lame.

Heidi is soooo ugly and boring to look at. Spencer has lock jaw, talks like a robot and not a cool one. Robots are usually cool & sexy, but he's so infantile & retarded. They are the most stiff and boring couple ever. They are full of shit too, their not "together"- yeah that's why TMZ always catch the untalented dorks out & about together.

Audrina is trippin' hanging out w/ Heidi-ho. Those piccys of her were pretty hot, I must admit, but there's just something weird about her face-like drooping eyes or something?

Have you seen Heidi's clothing line? What a hot mess. Very plain and boring like herself! Very common. Like herself. LOL.

Whitney's boss is a bitch. But I like her bluntness. ;o)

You could never totally be yourself when camera's are on you, you just can't. Just sayin'...
Another thing that makes me sick-they all share and date all the same guys, jason-Brody and whoever
else, like their the only guys in town? So, I guess they all have the same STD's- and I mean how cool is that?

-and who are those 2 assholes doing the commentary @ the end?
"Check us out at the after party lounge online". Oh shut up already w/ the dogface of your's lady & that idiot w/ the god forsaken thick V-neck sweaters and fake ass glasses. Come on, we all know you don't have a perscription for those! Haha. Lol. HAaaaaaa!
Their so random. Where did they find these people?

Ok...ok... I know, I can switch the channel-but I don't dare!

Can't wait to see what happens next week!!! Looks like justin-bobby makes a come back. Lol.


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