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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Went to my Dear friend's house today. Hellen was 1 of the 1rst people I met here in Ventura. She has a sweet soul.

We had fun giggling like little girls...I'm so glad I met Hellen. When I first met her she was standing on the sidewalk in downtown Ventura. She made quite an impression on me. She looked like an old-time movie star. She was also wearing my grandma and I's favourite colours, Purple (G'ma) and Green (me). The green trench coat was sea foam green and she had long classy hair w/ old vintage hair pins. Believe it or not, we have a lot in commom. We have old souls and we connect, I have always been drawn to the vintage people. :P
I asked Hellen to pose w/ the photograph of her Mother & Father pressed against her heart! Beautiful! Hellen took only 1 step today!!! haha LOL {inside joke with us} When I was worried I forgot about the brown sugar I needed & the stores were closed, she slipped this in my purse when I checked on the Dog. Dont'cha love Grandma types? Always got your back! ;p Her Granddaugter's piglet...when she was leaving she left it there for Hellen so she wouldn't be lonely! Awwwe *LOVE* Opening the gifts I got her... She's so child-like right here. I love it! *Hellen's Vintage Radio* Our Feet Our Hands we're talking about how January was the worst month/year for us...We have a lot in common sure was- The year from HELL. Her daughter who died bday's was on the 13th, my G'ma died on the 5th {so did I}

ohh X-mas Cheer and dogs with fleas! It's so nice!


Are you sure you don't over cook your pasta Hellen? Cuss like a drunken Sailor.

Is it raining outside in the 100 acre wood?

Rest of the photos-


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