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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST LOST LOST!!! - Live Chat tonight!

So here we are: Tonight's the night we
Lost fans have so feverishly been waiting for: the premiere of the show's final season, which will hopefully answer some of our most burning Lost questions. What is the smoke monster? Who are the Others? Why is Walt doing ads for Tyson chicken nuggets?
Join the Phoenix's crack team of Lost pundits, as we testily and fanboyishly dissect Season 6. Tonight, we're live-chatting premiere two-parter, "
LAX," starting at 9pm, capping it off with a post-episode wrap-up and discussion at 11pm. Come for the wiseass commentary and wild speculation, stay for the inevitable barrage of Lost-related animated GIFs -- and you're all invited to chatjam right along with us. (Note: We'll be lightly moderating comments, so just don't be dicks, and keep a lid on anything outright spoilery.)

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