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never tell

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's ALL about MY GIRLS today...Fiona, Tori, Regina and HAPPY 50Th BIRTHDAY KATE BUSH!

Yeah you heard right, 50th Birthday!! My how time flies. Let's use this day to reflect back on the first time you found Kate and her music and what a profound impact she made in your little world! Awwwe, Kate WE LOVE YOU and all your wonderful gifts you bring us!

I been listening to Fiona, Tori's (honey and older songs), Regina's jazzy songs and Kate my love. 'Cloudbusting'... and 'This woman's work' NEVER fails to make me cry. YOU KNOW when that happens, it's a good song! :O)

You know you wanna fucking watch it!

P.s. - This has nothing to do with this blog, BUT I been meaning to tell you that Christopher called me (yeah, you know the one from Ohio that's been missing in action since 'Scarlet's Walk', the one we all know and love) He told me to tell you all "Hi" by the way. :O) xo

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