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Monday, December 8, 2008

*Hear the Grinderman songs "Dream(Song for Finn)" & "Song for Frank" right here...*

I been waiting for this:

I listened to both songs and although I think their different from the 'No Pussy Blues' album (of course because they are for a movie) I like them. Nothing can be better then 'Love Bomb' and 'When my love comes down to meet you' in my opinion. ; ) I am patiently waiting their new album and having weird dreams about it! Ha! Don't ask! :O)

Both the Palermo Shooting score (by Can man Irmin Schmidt) and original soundtrack are available to buy/download now. Apart from 'Let Us Know' the soundtrack also features two new songs from Nick Cave's Grinderman ('Dream (Song for Finn)' and 'Song for Frank') and one from Bonnie 'Prince' Billy ('Torn and Brayed'), as well as tunes from Iron & Wine, The Velvet Underground and Beirut amongst others. The movie also features a cameo from Lou Reed.

Here's the link and enjoy! :O)

The movie Trailer...

A great read:


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