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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Someone's always tryin' to start my baby cryin'

Time to play catch up. Just found this old draft in my blogger! This should have been blogged a long time ago, I know. but better late then Never!

I grew up w/Michael, Madonna, you know that era. All the cool videos on Mtv when Mtv first went on the air. I was there with my dad over the phone waiting all day until Mtv literally came on the air. MJ was part of my Generation. Part of my childhood memories. When Thriller came out I ran to the record store & bought that shit & played it till I was blue in the face and knew every word by heart. I had the album cover & posters on my bedroom wall. I had a big crush on him!! I saw The video 'Thriller' and it was all over with. My Dad would imitate the zombies and make laugh.

The other videos came, but as they did I also noticed his love for animals and old movie stars, and the longing to help others in need. Sharing his wealth when he really didn't have to. He holds the World's Record for being the only person in history having & opening the most Charities & giving the most money. There were so many things people didn't know about him. I also noticed when all these surgeries started taking place. He started getting carried away, as we ALL know. But it wasn't funny like we all laughed and joked about, he was suffering from a negative body image and insecurity beyond belief. Maybe caused by his father constantly telling him he was the "ugly one" and "you didn't get that potato nose from me". What a dick his "father" was.

I got mad, wondering where his "friends" & family were? I mean somebody needed to step in & tell him "Hey Mike you're getting too many surgeries, taking too many pills and I'm worried about you and by the way can I make you a sandwich?" Really. Poor guy.

Let me tell you how sweet he was. I use to work on Melrose Ave. with my friend Angie. We had an order come in from him. He spent thousands of $ on 2 HUUUUGGE gifts baskets for his baby sister JANET & the other one was for LIZ TAYLOR!! He ordered a huge white vintage birdcage w/live white Doves surrounded by flowers for Liz, it took 4 people to carry it to the delivering van. He got his sister JANET the biggest Teddy Bear I have ever seen w/chocolates and flowers. Always so thoughtful and Sweet.

On the evening of his death I got home from school where I found out about his death. All the radio stations were playing his songs, rap stations, rock stations, I had it on good old K-Earth 101. Non-stop music and non stop callers telling their MJ stories. I was up until 4am. I even called in to
Coast to Coast AM and got thru and spoke live on the air with Ian! They saved me for the last call of the night, it was a perfect ending, as Ian put it "A girl named Raven talking about Doves".

He was sorely misunderstood, no doubt! He was shy & fragile. I'll always remember MJ for not only his music and dancing, but for his sensitivity and humanitarian ways, his love for animals and for be a wonderful fun daddy and caring so much about his fans.

xx xox Hope you are resting now.

I use to live near the Jackson Family home in the valley, so I knew where it was. I took a drive over there, to his star and all the way over to Neverland Ranch. I literally took hundreds of photos!

yeah, the economy has got me down too dude.

Goodnight. Love you more.

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Meggs said...

Oh, the memories this brought back. I used to have a MAJOR crush on him, also back when MTV was ACTUALLY MTV. And there are defining moments of my life that will forever be marked by his music. Regardless of how people perceive him, there is no denying that he was and always WILL be the King of Pop. xoxox