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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Look what I found - Tori Amos July 17, 2009 Greek Theatre

I'm finding old photos and video that I meant to blog, but had been forgotten in between moving. There will be no review on my behalf because I simply don't remember it. Sorry. I do remember on our way there almost getting into a car accident on the 101 freeway with Jermaine and Tito Jackson, yes you heard that right. Omg! I mean really. Out of all people in LA, and this was soon after their brother's death. I was right beside Jermaine and he looked at me. I felt compelled to blow him a kiss and jesture my hand over my heart and mouthed the words "I'm Sorry". He blew me a kiss back and put his hand over his heart as well!! What a sweet guy Jermaine is. All the while Bernadette and I are taking photos! Haha. I'm pretty damn' good at taking photos while driving. Don't tell Oprah that! Shhhhh.

I also remember being late to the show!? First time ever late to a concert! Missing the only 3 songs I really wanted to hear. Give, Siren and Graveyard!! Ugh! Seems that Tori started early? Don't know what happened there? I also remember my friend Melinda from Seattle whom I gave my FRONT ROW ticket to at a 2007 Seattle show, had a pit ticket for me for free, repaying me the favor. Found her add on Craigslist! And she wrote back "Is this Raven". So freakin' funny. Small world! Me being late didn't get the tix, but I got pretty close up anyhow.

I was ill prepared for the show, not bringing enough GB for my camera. I decided to go at last minute. My friend Bernadette went with me, her first Tori show! I ran into an old Tori friend, Chris on her way to the bathroom during 'Jackie's Strength'.
It was *Magical*, perfect timing! This was the first time being out of my house after my Grandmother's death on Jan 5. So it was still really fresh. We squeezed each other tight. I couldn't refrain from crying. (We made plans to see each other and she paid me a visit a few months later. Chris, being a chef cooked some yummy food for me and we laid on the floor while listening to The Doors. She gave me one of her bracelets, which I still wear to this day!) Out of all those people in a Theatre that holds nearly 7,000, I can not believe I ran into her! So glad I did.

I also remember on the way out I stopped to say "Hello" to the tree I adopted. I like to call it "My Tori Tree" because I adopted it back in 1998 on the night of Tori's Greek show on her Choir Girl Hotel tour. I wrote on it- "Raven comes here often" (I use to live 2 blocks from The Greek Theatre) and "We Held Gold Dust in our hands". I would write something on it every time Tori had a show at The Greek. It's a big huge, I'm talkin' Huuuggge tree that many of friends had taken pictures with.

One being my/our late friend Jim Fernandez. Those friends that knew him and that are on my Facebook know what I'm talking about. May he rest in peace.

And finally, I remember Bernadette and I walking super fast downhill, tree roots everywhere, to my car in the dark and I tragically tripped, in a one-two BAM! Needing 38 stitches! It was gnarly!

A total bleeding mess
(and yes, I know this was maddness)
I remember this, but that's about it!

*What a Night!*

Snippet of Precious Things

Snippet of Strong Black Vine

China in sign language, I thought it was beautiful.

I laughed when Tori said "getting off"
and "smoking Mary Jane".
The lady was too funny.

I know this isn't good video, but like
I said, I didn't plan on going, nor was
I in the right mind.

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C. Huff said...

I still can't believe I ran into you at the Greek that night. I felt privileged the word I am looking for? Yes, privileged....because before the show, there were all kinds of whisperings that went along the lines of "Raven's not coming!!!!" GASP!!! You had everyone thinking you weren't coming, so to run into you was like, "Oh my god!!! RAVEN!!!" I stood there in disbelief taking you in.