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Monday, October 18, 2010

It's funny, the things that you find in the rain (my rainy-day at the beach)

Today was perfect from beginning to end. Music, Rain & the Sea set my euphoric mood! Mother Nature, Zues & Neptune must have been at the bar, all drunk today & couldn't make up their minds. Just the way I like it! You get a little bit of everything. I'm all for storms & weather systems gone mad! I was Standing on my balcony, looking out to the Sea, the ships & the Island, listening to Emily Wells' Symphony 1 In the Barrel of a Gun and feeling the sweet ocean breeze.

I came inside with my perfect cup of coffee & started doing some work, while listening to my playlist (Nick Cave, Regina Spektor, Marina & the Diamonds, Fiona Apple, Echo & The Bunnymen, Bat for Lashes, Pj Harvey, Alanis Morissette, Lady Gaga, Emily Wells, Tori Amos, The Cure, Bjork, Sade, Counting Crows, Frank Sinatra, Afghan Wigs, The Knife -obviously I had it on shuffle) and watching
this over & over cause I can never get enough of.

Then it started ♥ Raining ♥ out of nowhere and I got all excited! I looked out my window at the beach and the sun was out, but it was pouring. I planned a mini-photo shoot for today, but this was all spontaneous, the best way! My god it was perfect and I felt like a little kid again! The sky was looking crazy, pouring rain one minute & bright sunshine the next. As I was heading out to the beach my neighbour stopped me & gave me her red umbrella, little did I know it was going to play such a big roll...

The things that you find in the rain...

Glow Sticks

LadyBugs ♥

Yucky looking Jellyfish that I almost stepped on!

This poor seal. made me so sad.

This bro & sis team I met passing by were so cute. They came up to me right after my hand that was holding the metal umbrella handle got zapped by lightning & asked me if they were ok to run with the lightning. I told them that the dark clouds were moving away.

On their way back- they were so excited about the feathers, shells & bird bones they found. The girl went on to tell me in detail about all the dead animals they found. Adorable smart kids!

doesn't take much to make me happy. Nature, a feather & a happy umbrella.

The infamous umbrella that nearly killed me, ok shocked me a bit & scared the hell outta me!!

But I still love you, only slightly, only slightly less than I used to, my love.

Bye, bye Sea, until next time. xx

I'm really blessed to live here.

I took 200 photos. yes, I still need to clean my Flickr!

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