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Saturday, September 18, 2010

We got our Obsessions and Marina & the Diamonds are mine! Live at The El Rey 9/17/10.

I was invited to go see Marina & the Diamonds a day before the show by my friend MK who runs the website/blog . Even tho I was excited I wasn't sure if I was going to go being tired from a hike the day before. I went back and fourth and decided to go and I'm SO glad I did! It was one of the best decision I ever made! Omg!

I use to listened to Marina and the Diamonds casually, NOW after seeing her live she's my new Obsession! And I told her that! Wow. And I couldn't have asked for a more smoother, stressless night from beginning to end! It was almost to good to be true. I left the house @ 8:00pm -45 mins. later then I planned and it still worked out perfectly! From my house I took the 40 min. drive, no traffic at all. Made it there pretty fast, got on my phone to call MK to tell him I was pulling up to the curb and he was already right there waiting, talking to me on the phone! Ha! The last time I saw him was at the El Rey when I went to see Regina Spektor. I guess it's our meeting place.

I have a secret spot by Rite Aid where I always find parking. Low and behold I turn the corner and there's my parking spot waiting for me! Always the same spot! I can't believe it, it's always so packed in that area, especially on Friday nights. MK walked up to meet me, we went up to the box office without waiting in line. Got the tix, photo pass and VIP wrist bands, went in, chatted, drinks, found our spots, the show started soon after and I was blown away!

Marina stepped on stage at the El Rey Theatre Friday night to play her last, sold-out show on tour. Marina and her band have such great chemisrty and energy. The crowd was fun and not rude like other artists shows I've gone to. People of all ages were dancing around to her songs. Old, balding men, teenage girlfriends, young adults, and couples of all ages stood in the crowd rocking out.

Marina sang tracks from her latest album, "The Family Jewels,". In between songs she continually thanked the audience for being so amazing and supporting her throughout her tour. She mentioned how she was in such a great mood and how she feels more at home here then in the UK. She said she was coming back to stay!

I loved the way Marina pranced around the stage, involved her "Diamonds" (that being us) the entire night. I loved the quick outfit changes-she's fast! She's so fun! I hate 'comparing' artists, but all thru the night I couldn't put my finger on who she reminded me of! A bit of Regina Spektor in there and a hint of Kate Nash's quirky-ness on her up beat melodies.

It wasn't until she began singing a few verses of her most popular track, "I Am Not A Robot" in a cappella that I realized how extraordinary Marina really was.

Not only does Marina have a broad vocal range, she can easily transition her show from seeming like a Lada-Gaga-esqe spectacle to a more soulful, intimate performance, very reminiscent of Regina Spektor, playing a more mellow, stripped down song on the piano titled, "Numb."

I, as I always do found my fav song when she started the first line of 'Guilty'. "I was dreaming something dark", her hair blowing in the fan. I was looking thru my camera lens and I remember getting chills. Very moving song. I was lucky enough to capture this moment on video. You can find all videos from this show on my
Youtube page. (I have 1 more surprise to add)

A surprising twist for her last show, she sang a cover of 3OH!3's/Katy Perry's "Starstruck," in a completely toned down manner, singing the verse "Now, L-o-v-e's just another word I never learned to pronounce" slowly and softly, completely altering the song's effect from what was originally an almost repulsive song to an extraordinarily beautiful one. There aren't many artists who can do such a remarkable feat. It was a very moving moment as well.

Marina Diamandis, said to her fans at the end of her show, "I am Marina and you will always be diamonds." Perhaps another reason to love her so. xx


* A big thank you goes out to MK, for inviting me
and for being such a wonderful Host* I had so much fun!*
a free last min. ticket, VIP after party meet&greet.
a great show & an old friend- and just think
I wasn't gonna go!

Marina & The Diamonds Setlist El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2010
*After the show I ran up to Micheal and Said "Omg! I Loved it, I am so obsessed! I'm so glad I came! He's like "I told you!" We were talking & gushing and then noticed Perez Hilton not too far from us. We're like "Oh gawd". It was funny to see the little fued between him and MK. I still lmao at the glares thrown at each other. While MK was in the bathroom some guy started massaging me while I was filming Perez watching me. lmao! Oh good times!*

MK came out & we stood around for a few mins. until the guy on the loud speaker told all the VIPer's to go upstairs. *What perfect timing* I had as usual! I run into the artist and find myself alone with them. {same thing happened w/Fiona Apple & Regina Spektor!}

MK and I went up the stairs, sat at a little table for a bit, talked about precious things & he said, "let's go in now". He went in before me and I followed, running right into Marina in her lovely Black Vampire Vintage dress.! It was just us 2 and her manager/security guy. I told her "You know Marina I'm VERY picky who I listen to, I have my 4 fav. artists Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, she said "I like them". And Fiona Apple, she said "Ohhh I LOVE Fiona Apple, I love Fiona" and I said "Regina Spektor and Tori Amos". "And I been forever wondering if there was ever gonna be a 5th fav. and I found my 5th tonight!" And she said "Awwwee, you're so sweet" and hugged me. I told her the show was so good and that she's my new obsession. She giggled and said "Thank you" and rubbed my arm after giving me another hug. As we were talking I happen to glance over to Perez and he was just starring at us, w/a smug look. wtf? haha.

Marina and I walked into the room, which I have to say was the best looking VIP room I ever seen. Dark Red walls, velvet and Candlelight Chandelier ! I walked around the corner & there was Mk sitting at a table. I told him he missed the little chat I had w/Marina. We talked and waited a few mins. before getting some shots w/Marina. Told her it was a great show and we said our Goodbyes and off we went. What a great night! I was very happy how everything turned out!

Marina told MK that she'll be back in Feb! Here is a video interview He conducted with Marina Friday before her LA show! Check out the full interview at his wonderful blog
Popbytes !

I had taken more photos, but my flickr account is a mess. I'll work on it ;p

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click on me! open! watch! you won't be sorry!

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