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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Phoenix Lander just landed on Mars! This hasn't happened since The 70's! I'm so excited! You should be too!

I told you I am a Space-buff. LoL.
Love everything space related, that includes making love to Chewbucca. Ok, a girl can have her fantasies...

Anyhow, do you know what this means?

-It took Ten months! 10 months it took Phoenix to get to Mars! It has 7 minutes to perform a challening series of actions to slow down from nearly 13,000 mph!

The Phoenix can take several photos and it can actually dig into the surface. We are looking for Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon (she's a nice song) and Ice/water.
-to see if there was or if there IS life on Mars!

Could Mars have hosted life at any point in it's history, I often ask myself (hey, I'm a geek and I think it's about time you Rethink Geek). Geek Power!

Mars is our sister planet, I just hope we don't ruin her like we have the earth. I can see it now 10 years from now people moving to Mars and buildings going up.
Laugh now, but you never know.

*I can't wait to see what the outcome is. I'm uber excited!*

I Love Science!

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