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never tell

Saturday, May 10, 2008

They bring me Honey...

This is where you know the Honey from the Killer Bees...

Even the Glamourous Beeeeee can be in need...

*Honey bee populations are disappearing at an alarming rate-
and we want to keep these little heroes buzzing.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I've always respected bees & how agressivly their'll protect their hives and Queen. Plus, I eat honey almost everyday. Yum yum.
When I see one on the sidewalk, I think "awwwe a bee" and I never step on them like some people do!
Huh! [rolls eyes & sighs].

Plus, they wear cute fancy jackets! What true divas! Heehee.

I couldn't imagine a world without honey, neither can Winnie the Pooh I bet! Sheesssh.

Honey bees, how I love you, even when you sting my knees,
you're swell with me honey bee.

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