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never tell

never tell

Sunday, August 30, 2009

All in All it was a pretty nice day...

I had a nice breakfast -which were thoughts, but I usually have coffee with them. That and calling an old friend and when I say old I mean old as in age, as in wise. It was nice.

I am front row center
in the best seat in the house, World.
watching the SunSet, go down
and calling it a day.
Hearing the Waves Tidal on in
doing their job.
Quite The best job on the Planet, Universe.
Healing & making people Happy.
As I stand here in my Reflecting Pool I know what I want to stay the same and I know what I want to change. I also just realised how my life is always going to be.
H.B. to me.
I K A S P W B O T D-
T B N O E D!

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