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Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's been a year ALREADY! August 22, in my new Seaside Haven

It is ALL so weird to me how time FLEW by. Here it's already August 22nd. A year ago today I moved in here and I felt blessed and cursed all at the same time (it was/is Bittersweet because of the loss of my G'ma/mother) and soon not so far away we will be celebrating Halloween -and me, myself and I will welcome my favourite girl of them all. Winter. Full of Winter, you know) ; )

Although we have beautiful weather here all year round. That's WHY I choose this cute little seaside community. The first 8 months were so hard. I always thought of my G'ma and would sob and get angry, try to talk to her... I was a total mess. We made plans to unpack together and I was going to show her our little downtown. But we never got to do that.

What saved me from myself was myself and Coast to Coast AM, I owe a big part of my survival during that tragic time to the beautiful George Noory and Ian Punnett (you wouldn't understand).

I love my place and it took me a long time to get here. I know Gram's with me. I feel her.

Rave Waves
Banjo doing his version of TOMBIGBEE!

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