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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

‎1 of my all time fav Tori improvs. I play the bootleg all the time. I was lucky to have witnessed this show! ♫

This is one of my fav songs by Tori. Thank You Tori! San Luis Obispo, CA, 4/15/2003. I love the Lyrics! Tori & Tash, awe.

This is entrancing, funny, thoughtful, and touching at the same time. Within those two minutes she can bring more beauty to this world than some artists manage for their careers.

This show was one of the most amazing shows I ever seen. A lot of connection back & fourth between Tori & her peeps this night. Great set list, great seaside architectural beauty, but most of all the VIBES bouncing off those walls. Pure bliss & Magical indeed. Miss these shows. ♥

Just us for a while. Tell you how it's been in my little world, in my little world with my little girl. So we got to the Pretty Sea. I said "let's get our feet in the sand". She said "Not right now in a little while, I've got the new Harry Potter movie on". I said "Where did you get that ur only 2 1/2, only 2 1/2"? She said "MAGIC". Awe ♫


Steve Finnell said...

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Persephone Sea said...

Figures! I put up a Tori Amos video and all the christains, etc come out! It's ok, I don't need saving because I listen to T.