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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Look who came to pay me a visit! Great G'ma on the day she passed!

My Great G'ma, on the day she passed on, March 15th. This happens every year on this day! I am not kidding. When I lived in Hollywood, a Ladybug flew on my shoulder & wouldn't leave me on the day my Great G'ma died. I wrote her a poem called "Ladybug Maria" that my G'ma, her daughter put in her casket by her hand. When my G'ma passed on 2 years ago, the same thing happened. I was crying on my bathroom floor and out of nowhere a Ladybug crossed my floor right in front of me!!! I have no idea how that Ladybug got there. or maybe I do? When G'ma passed I wrote her a poem & had the guy at the church open her casket & put the poem by her hand as well.

Today, this Ladybug was right there in my car on the seat when I went to grab my wallet. I just smiled, teared up and I was lucky, blessed, whatever you want to call it that I just so happen to have my camera with me in the seat and I grabbed it! Got these shots! And a video, Then it flew off when I told it to.

Believe what you wanna believe, but I really do feel this is a little visit from my Dear G'ma's. that's our Ladybug connection. It's hard to believe that this is just coincidence! And trust me, I am a very VERY skeptical person!!

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