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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dolphin Slaughter in Japan/ The Cove...

If the middle of this video doesn't move you, urge you, make you so angry...

Dolphin Slaughter In Japan

If you have not seen the movie 'The Cove', please rent it and spread the word. I have friends over there in The Cove and their updates of the slaughter of dolphins everyday is enough to make you want to do something and more.

My heart goes out to those who keep the calls, emails and letters to the embassies, the government, etc. coming! It seems to be working! This coming from the cove guardians themselves! We must help these angels of the Sea! About 23,000 Dolphins are killed every year in Taiji!! We ALL add up, millions of whispers can turn into a roar. This can't be ignored.

Dolphin slaughter in Japan Video Part 1 by green2cool

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