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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Annual Kids Adopt-A-Beach photos! SO CUTE -must see!

Over 7,500 kids throughout the state commemorated World Ocean Day at the 15th Annual Kids' Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup by taking part in seven cleanups all along the California coast, stretching from Humboldt County to San Diego. After the cleanup, they took part in an aerial art exhibition. To see the rest visit and click on 2008.
OCEAN DAY is an annual celebration and call to action for the protection of the world’s oceans.

For 10 years almost 50,000 West coast children have marked Ocean Day as a finale to their in-school environmental education.

This year many 1000’s of students from Vancouver to Los Angeles to San Diego are motivated to get involved and clean the beaches. They are also committed to making a difference by standing up and creating giant images in the sand to serve as lasting reminders of the need to protect our oceans.

These “aerial art” creations are being photographed from the sky. is dedicated to chronicling this global expression for ocean protection. On this site you will find images from past events.

We look forward to everyone being motivated by these coastal heroes to take their own stand and go out and make a difference.

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