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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Steve's Jungle Girl embraces statuette, Bindi wins an Emmy! ;o)

Since the death of her dad two years ago, Bindi Irwin has carried on the family name in the show "Bindi the Jungle Girl". The show earned her an Emmy nod, so she takes Access on a search for the perfect Emmy fashion.

BINDI Irwin was so excited at winning an Emmy she took the statuette to bed with her and wanted to carry it back to Australia on the plane.

Family friend, manager and producer of the award-winning Bindi: The Jungle Girl series, John Stainton, said from New York yesterday that the Emmy win on the back of Bindi's Australian silver Logie in May was "just fantastic".

"She (Bindi) keeps her feet on the ground but she wouldn't let go of that Emmy all night and wanted to have it on the plane - but there are two sharp ends so I don't think they'll let her take it on board," he said.

Mr Stainton, who also produced the Crocodile Hunter shows for Bindi's father Steve, who was killed by a stingray while filming off north Queensland in 2006, said Bindi had been thrilled about just being a nominee and a presenter for the Daytime Entertainer Emmy Awards on Sunday in New York.

Up against popular talent for the category of Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series - including Jack Hanna for Into the Wild and Kevin Clash as Elmo in Sesame Street - Bindi and her mother Terri did not think the pint-sized Aussie could win, Mr Stainton said.

"It was unbelievable to see her face when she won - it was shock," he said.

"Steve would have been beaming. He was always saying he really wanted more than anything else for Bindi to take over from him and here she was being recognised around the world."

Mr Stainton said Bindi usually had to be in bed by 9pm but Terri had promised her "anything under the sun from room service" if she won.

"Robert (Bindi's four-year-old brother) was waiting up so they ordered all sorts of stuff - cakes and pies, sweet stuff."

He said there would be more shows coming that would strengthen Bindi's conservation message.

"She is the only little girl in the world championing wildlife," Mr Stainton said.

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