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Friday, June 20, 2008

Tori Amos splits with label, goes indie

Wow! WTF? I am so out of the loop with the Tori world and her latest news and how I found this article was just luck. I was fixing up my blogger account and added a new page element (a news feed) and BAM, there it was. I actually thought it was old news, I opened the link and closed it without a second thought, thinking it was an old article about her split with Alantic. haha. It was not until I opened it a second time and read the title and saw the word INDIE, then I yelled "alright, it's about time". Fuck yes Tori, now that's the old Tori I fucking miss and love. That's my girl! I sure am happy about this news. * I should really go to her sites every now and again, because like I said, This was pure luck I found this...

When I give up on someone, I give up. and don't bother to see what's up with them. I think I should have a look at her site today. Who knows this may be old news?

-haha. It is old news, hey only by 3 weeks! I just went to undented, man- I should look more often. Seriously!

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Tori Amos has ended her six-year tenure with Epic Records, calling on her fellow artists to "stop being dependent ... on any system that has become undependable."

The singer/songwriter, 44, released three albums on Epic, most recently 2007's "American Doll Posse," which hit No. 5 on the Billboard 200.

Before that, she was with Atlantic from 1992 until 2001, when she joined artists such as Rod Stewart, Poe and Collective Soul in leaving the label.

In a statement on her Web site, Amos said she looked forward to crossing into "the new unchartered Music Frontier," where the impossible will soon become possible.

"Artists need not fear structure, we just have to design and partner with expansive ideas," she said. "It is time for us as artists to stop being dependent, dependent on any system that has become undependable. Only then can we help to create a new system that propagates and secures independence for each creator."

Amos' next album, due in spring 2009, will be "a project of new music and visuals which is being started in the summer," Amos' manager John Witherspoon told

Amos is also writing a musical for the British National Theater, "The Light Princess," and in July will unveil a graphic novel, "Comic Book Tattoo," based on her catalog.

I took this from Undented-
It's Official: Epic Changes For Tori, Inc.!

After 22 years of being in the shackles of the major label system, Tori has chosen the path of independence for her next work. As with many of her contemporaries Tori is devising new and exciting ways of getting her music to the masses without the boundaries and limitations of the major music companies.

Last week, several people wrote in to say that Tori was no longer listed on Epic Records’ roster. Not knowing if it was the real deal, a big goof-up or an honest mistake, we weren’t really sure what to say about it. But, with those words in this week’s Ask Billboard, Tori’s manager John Witherspoon publicly opens the door on the latest significant development in Tori’s career. Whether this means free digital copies of albums like Issa (Jane Siberry), Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails or something else entirely different, only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: it means more freedom — something she’s been fighting for since Little Earthquakes — and that’s certainly a good thing for her and her artistry. (Interestingly, Tori touched on this subject in an interview broadcast on Polish radio last December. Foreshadowing much?)

Witherspoon also drops a few more juicy tidbits as well.

It seems that Tori will start working on a “project of new music and visuals” this Summer with an expected release in Spring 2009. Although a bit vague, we would guess this is not the American Doll Posse tour DVD since he indicates this is a new material. However, we don’t know any more about the status of the DVD than the rest of you and that’s only speculation.

Additionally, Witherspoon explains Matt Chamberlain’s recent sojourn to Cornwall: he was recording demos for The Light Princess, the musical that Tori is working on with Samuel Adamson for the United Kingdom’s National Theatre. (By the way, as he notes on his website, Matt’s back from Cornwall after spending “an amazing” two weeks at Martian Studios.)

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