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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Geekster Handbook/ A field guide to the identification of unique species in the nerd underground

I am a Geek and proud of it! So there.

1. The Fanboy (or in my case Fangirl).
LOST Fangirl- I am more then a "fan". I believe I'm actually on the show, up in a tree eating mangos, watching all the absurdities. Maybe I'm Vincint's long lost cousin?

2. The Music Geek - Disposition- would be really happy to introduce you to music better than that over-exposed crap you like. Always up for a show. but it'll totally suck. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!!!!!

3.The Gamer- wish I had more time for this. I'm old-school and will kick your ass at pack-man. lol.

4. The Gadget Guy (or girl).
That's me to the T. - I just spent my 3 day memorial weekend taking apart my Blackberry with a bobbie (or is it barbie) pin. I kid you not! MacGyver. I love how things work and can not wait for the latest "new thing".

5. The Hacker- No comment.

6. The Otaku- Kinda annoying to me. So, no not me.

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