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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

*KATE NASH gig*...

Kate Nash gets bunny ears!
The devil and the flower. Visa Versa.

I saw Kate Nash on the 14th of May @ The Fonda in Hollywood. It was an alright show, I guess I just been pampered and spoiled by seeing so many Tori and Fiona shows and once you see them there is no going back. I hated the dress Kate wore, it was so ugly. I'm sorry Kate! I could hardly hear her over the music during some songs. The lyrics are nothing close to Tori's and Fiona's of course. I try not to always compare other artist because it is not fair to them, I know this. But hey, I just can't help it sometimes. I am human. She is still young and growing as an artist. I see that she now plays the electric guitar now and not just the acoustic. She's picking it up pretty easy.

Here is the set list: (I may be leaving out a song or two)-

Pumpkin Soup
Shit Song
Stitching Leggings
We get on
The nicest things
I hate Seagulls (She's crazy! I love Seagulls!)
Pick Pocket
Do wah Do ( I've always hated this lame ass song!)
Skeleton Song
Baby Love
Model Behaviour
Merry Happy

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