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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Talking Politics - everybody has issues! ...Obama will Humanize the Office!


Stop the Drama - Vote Obama
(All photos made by raven)


He just might be our ticket out of hell. or somewhat. I'll vote for him just 'cause he's from Hawaii (bet you didn't know that). I'm kidding- I'm obsessed with all things Hawaii, but that's surely not a good enough reason to vote for someone now is it? lol.

Yeah, Maybe we can get America back to a good place and I can be proud of America again and not be ashamed and embarrassed. Once we get rid of this jack-ass we can all breathe a sigh of relief and hope this next person will keep their word and be a new refreshing inspiring leader with a lot of character. We need someone who actually is more like us and thinks like we do. A like-minded president would be a beautiful thing.

What's important to me: (there's much more to be listed AND not in order)

*Global Warming- because if we don't have this little blue ball we have nothing at all.

*The Economy
*Health Care
*Gay Marriage
*Sending troops home- because I do not believe in war. Constant killings for no reason. Bush should get a death certificate sent to his personal mail box in Texas every time some poor soul dies over there. Then again-it's obvious that he just doesn't care.

*We need to FOCUS on what needs to be fixed now -from the MESS left over from that loser, lame thing we called a "President".

-Presidential Campaigns eventually settle into contrasting narratives of the candidates' biographies, character and ideology. The central fault line in the seemingly endless Democratic race has been change vs. experience, Hillary Clinton has argued relentlessly that her years in the White House and Senate have made her battle-hardened and best suited to be president. Barack Obama, by contrast, has questioned the value of Washington experience, contending that his wide-ranging background has imbued him with superi- or judgment.

Obama has the advantage on many issues, of being a relatively clean slate. In his favor is his impressive intellect: One does not get to be editor of the Harvard Law Review or porfessor at the University of Chicago School without an understanding of the First Amendment, and constitutional law generally, to rival that of most Supreme Court justices. Obama's years as a community organizer in Chicago were instructive about the of free speech and political activism to overcome officail indifference. And Obama doesn't seem to be the sort of political figure who is obsessive about secrecy. His own life, as described in unusual candor in Obama's autobiographical writings, is an open book - literally.

He was just a college kid, vaga-bonding around the world - but Barack says the weeks he spent traveling through Pakistan in 1981 shaped the views that he still holds today- and that he would bring into the White House.

I LOVE the fact that Obama is a peaceful guy, not a WARMONGER and full of that nasty kind of aggressive TESTSOSTERONE that Bush and a lot of the past presidents have had. I'm not saying he's sissy-ish or he's gonna go paint his fingernails red anytime soon (that'd look hot!) but he's not full of hate and he does not have that mentality of "I gotta be boss" and "we're gonna kick third world asses if a million lives depend on it" - "America is better than your country", you know all that sickneen macho cowboy crap! It's down right disgusting to me.

I also LOVE the fact that he grew up in Hawaii and is very well traveled and seems to so very confident without being cocki, that's a hard thing to balance! I love the relationship he has with his wife Michelle, so cute how they always hug on each other and before he goes up for a speech she high-fives him or a fist to fist. So real and so refreshing to see. He adores his two girls and is always talking about them. I think it is very important to see what goes on behind the scenes and see what kind of man/woman this person is. I mean, don't you wanna know the character of your president. I don't know about you, but I sure do!!!

one thing that stands out to me - I remember during the campaings when things got sorta nasty there and Hillary and others were fighting and bickering and dragging each others names thru the mud - Barack got pretty irratated and said something to the effect of "Let's not fight amongst each other, it's so petty, we have bigger things to work on and we need to start on saving the world, look at the big picture" and I remember the look on his face was like "these people just don't "get it".

Another thing - He opposed the Iraq War in 2002 all along, has family overseas as well. He has a very diverse background and family, I like that. I find it very interesting. I saw on a news show like 60 minutes or something that he has this cute little old grandmother in a small sleepy village in Kenya and on the other hand has a Grandfather and Grandmother that is as white as they come (haha) I'm talking like Kansas I think. I think this is so lovely. Diversity is what we need. Someone that understands the needs of all walks of life. Don't you agree?

This is what I want from my president, I want him to get out of the White House, not only when there is a disaster, a photo opp., but to spend the evening in small communities, asking what we need, how we can work together to improve a city, what’s the best way to improve our lives. WE dont always see the big picture, of the nation, our scope sometimes is just at our door step. WE NEED HOPE. The President should be FOR the people. I am trusting in You Mr. Obama. Let the people have control again. We dont need nor want more Govt, let us set benchmarks, reach them in our own districts, report to our own neighbors, that way, area by area, we can improve our lives ourselves. Can you imagine the good you would do if you humanized the Office? You are golden Mr Obama. I know you care about this country, no doubt in my mind,so please hang tuff for all of us.

-Now about Hillary, I WAS going to vote for her in the primary, but good thing I was deathly ill that day and couldn't move out of bed, let alone go vote because I think it was a good thing. I have since changed my mind hardcore on that decision and AM VOTING FOR BARACK NOW. I HAVE NEVER FELT SO PASSINATE ABOUT A PRESIDENT LIKE I AM ABOUT OBAMA!!! I really think he will do us good. He's honest and very likeable.

I kinda feel bad for Hillary, she's not a bad person and she probally thought that she had this one in the bag! I always saw it as a sign of weakness when she didn't leave her husband when he was getting his ding-dong sucked on by another woman and publicly humiliate her!!! My god, if that was my hubby - World War Three, as he flies out the window set a blaze. But I really hate how she's criticized for being "cold, calculating and presumptuous". She steps onto the senate floor w/ an iota of cleavage and the story is plastered across the Internet. She has a bad hair day and her make-up caked face is magnified in high-def for the world to pick apart.
All LAME ass judgment of superficial traits that have no bearing on her fitness for the job.

--I just really am gonna HATE all the men (McCain, Chris Matthews, Carl Bernstein, roger Stone, you know all the dicks like Bush) snickering and saying "I told you so, a woman can't do the job."





I'm kidding people!


It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Bush...C-ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!

In this Aug. 26, 2006 file photo Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., right, claps hands with his grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, at his father's house in Nyongoma Kogelo village in western Kenya.
This photo provided by the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., shows the presidential hopeful, Obama, in 1979 during his high school graduation in Hawaii with his maternal grandparents, Stanley Armour Dunham and his wife Madelyn Payne, both natives of Kansas.
This photo provided by the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., shows the Democratic presidential hopeful, Obama, on the beach with grandfather on his mother's side, Stanley Armour Dunham.
This 1972 photo provided by Na Opio, the yearbook of Punahou School, shows Barack Obama, in back row, third from left, posing with his 5th grade class at the Punahou Elementary School a prestigious private school in Honolulu that attracts the island's wealthiest, and most accomplished students.
In this May 3, 2008 file photo Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., top left, his wife Michelle and their two daughters Malia, top right, and Sasha arrive at the airport in Indianapolis. By early May, Obama's campaign was back on track after uproar over controversial comments by his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and a controversial comment of his own about "bitter" small-town residents.

a cute little blurb from Halle Berry:

Halle Berry, Tony Award Winning Actress
“I so love what he stands for and respect him so much that when I met him, I was a bit shaky,” she told the Philadelphia Daily News, which asked if she’d endorse him for President. “Oh, my God, yes! I’ll do whatever he says to do. I’ll collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear.”


By Raven M. Rogers

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