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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

LOST Finale had me sitting in a puddle of my own tears

I know it's been 5 days since LOST's Season 4 Finale, but I been too busy to blog, and that kills me because I am one bloggin' bitch!

ANYWHO, It was really something. It takes a lot for me to cry and I was a mess.
I knew a few shows back that something was going to happen to Jin and I really didn't want it to. I was in total denial. I love him so much. and wow! what about that Sun? She sure is a good actress. Well, You know what I mean. and she has a great pair of healthy lungs on her! That's always nice to know.

I thought the reunion with Desmond and Penny was breathtaking. I was all "awwwe" and I am not the mushy type and hate girl flicks, but it was genuine. It was quite lovely indeed. I just hope they don't leave the show or that's the last we see of them!?

I also was saying underneath my breathe (because I talk to myself) that I wish Echo would come back. I've always liked that guy!!! and here his ghost was playing Chess with Hurley all along. I LOVE THAT! Now where's our beloved CHARLIE???

I knew WAY BACK in the second season Jack and Claire were sibblings, I think we all knew, the hardcore fans.

What was that weird conversation between Sun amd Michael? I was thinking that the baby could be his, but whatever. He's blown to bits now, so I guess it doesn't matter? Even tho I was mad at Michael, I still didn't want him to blow up. But wait a minute- in the flash foward wasn't he alive, trying to kill himself?

and Walt all grow up, visiting Hurley in the Mental Hospital-that was a trip.

and what ever happens to sweet dear Vincent? Oh he don't mind-look at all the trees and things he has to piss and crap on!!! I mean come on!

Kate is kinda getting on my nerves! How she's been treating Jack and all. She says one thing and does the other.

Where did Locke go, oh yeah, in a coffin- what happened to him? Hey, I like Locke-always have!

What else...Oooooooh yes, Sawyer- How sweet that was for him to jump out of the Helicoptor. What a sacrafice! and there was what's her face boozing it up, right where he swims to shore. Oh yeah-Juliett. She has grown on me like moss and yes, I do like her now.

Poor poor Jack, just trippin' the fuck out! I love him, He's one of my favs. since day uno.

oh oh oh, Sayid kidnapping Hurley- EPIC! Didn't Sayid look like a hot mother fucker in taht black coat? Walking down the hallways of the insane e sigh lum?
"bug a martini send me to Moscow" ran thru my mind in that part. Haha. lol. (Maybe that's because I been playin' that song as of late).

and that crazy crazy Ben moving the island, who does he think he is? and who would have thought it would be so easy to move a piece if land? Let me try that!

There is sooo much going on here in this show and that's one of the reasons why I love it so much. I have NEVER been so in tune and into a show, or effect me so much as LOST does. Thank you so much to the Creators and most importantly Casting, for I could not imagine any others, for I have feel in love with them (except that bastard with the ugly jaw line and gross blinding horse vaneers!) That fucker never dies!

I am a LOST 'fangril' for sure. ...and that's alright with me... ;o)

So, Claire visits Kate in a dream and there some MASSIVE conflict in this scene.
1) Kate gets a phone call that is reversed, but the message is "Get back to the island, before it's too late"…to late for what?!?! Ah shit, not again!
2) Claire tells Kate, "Don't you dare bring him back", so what the hell is Kate to do?! She's not the Clash people…Should she stay? No! Or should she go now? GO!!!! She has to! And Kate slaps Jack about not seeing Aaron, when she is so selfish…"Don't touch my son!"…bah! YOU TOOK HER BOY! Ha!

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