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never tell

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ok, so I saw the movie 'The Notebook' for the first time lastnight & it made me think of my Grandpa

I caught the last hour of 'The Notebook' this weekend and it made me think of my Dear Grandpa that passed away this last past November, right before I left to go on tour with Tori. It made me very very sad. I never cared to watch the movie before, even when friends were raving about it because I thought it was just another one of those mushy love story, girly movies. I'm VERY picky about what movies I watch and actually only go like every 3 years. Sad isn't it- I should go see Indie movies way more often tho. and I will make a point of it. But this movie, even tho I didn't catch the first hour, just made me cry tears. My beloved G'pa died w/ complications from Alzheimer's and he was the last person on Earth I'd think would have got that. He was sharp as a nail, bright, alert, alive and ALWAYS singing. It broke my heart so bad. You people out there that have not seen this movie should. I will make sure I see the film in it's entirety! (By the way bitch- Tori DID play 'The BeeKeeper' for me because I asked her to for my Grandfather, and all you could do was stand there and look like a complete sad pathetic whore instead of comforting me).

my fav.

I love you G’pa and I miss you already... :o(
Current mood: mixed feelings, all of them...

I'm with you. Always. I'm holding your hand tonight. I'll always be holding your hand.

Maybe you'll come back after you're long gone.
I think you'll come & visit & talk sometimes kinda like Gidget and in funny little chants like an Indian brave...

-I'm sorry.

*my cherokee and English pride*

I'm going in the graveyard, with my little tune, to sing you to sleep now...

I can still hear you calling me "champ". I love you G'pa!

poppa, i know
there's a frog on my toe
maybe i'll call him jethro
maybe i'll grow up to be
wise, as good as he
and maybe i'll come back after you're long gone

poppa, i'm sure
the worms have eaten you now
and jethro's been on some frenchy's plate long ago
now i'm pretty sure that i listen to every word
'cause i still hear you telling me still

"slap them boys when they're naughty
make them crawl, make you haughty
make you strong, little girl
you paint them toes the reddish color
and you know one day
you're gonna be bigger than a flea
you're gonna be bigger than that old poison ivy tree"

now i'm pretty sure
that i think you'd come and visit
and talk sometimes kinda like gidget
a funny little chance like an indian brave
he said "we all grew fat when the white man came."
but one day, girl, you're gonna learn
to make 'em crawl
make 'em grow tall
but have the grace
to be a lady with disgrace
and you fry them taters
and you make them with lady's hands
and know you're my pappy's baby


here I said
don't even let this go
and it's hey
to that old man
I'm coming in the graveyard
with my little tune
it's june
I said she's gone but I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm coming in the graveyard to
sing you to sleep


Flaxen hair blowing in the breeze

It is time for the geese to head south

I have come with my mustard seed

I cannot accept that she will be taken from me

"Do you know who I am" she said

"I'm the one who taps you on the shoulder when it's your time

Don't be afraid I promise that she will awake

Tomorrow somewhere

Tomorrow somewhere"

Wrap yourself around

The tree of life and the dance of the infinity

Of the hive

Take this message to Michael

I will comb myself into chains

In between the tap dance clan

And your ballerina gang

I have come for the beekeeper

I know you want my

You want my queen

Anything but this

Can you use me instead?

In your gown with your breathing mask

Plugged into a heart machien

As if you ever needed one

I must see the beekeeper I must see if she'll keep her alive

Call Engine 49 I have come with my mustard seed

Maybe I'm passing you by

Just passing you by girl

I'm passing you by

On my way

On my way

I'm just passing you by

But don't be confused

One day I'll be coming for you...

I must see the beekeeper

I must see the beekeeper

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