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Monday, June 2, 2008

Trachtenburg family slideshow players...

Kate Nash helps out during one song

After the show Jason came up to me outside...I told him "don't be sad it's your last show with Kate, you'll meet up again at festivals and stuff". That brought a smile to his face.

I went to see The Trachtenburg Family Sideshow Players open for Kate Nash about 2 weeks ago, I think it was May 14th and have not had the time to blog about it. They were different, pretty good, I go from loving them one minute, than annoyed the next-but hey, It's all good. In the neighbourhood. ;o)

The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players describe themselves as an "indie-vaudeville conceptual art-rock pop band", from the United States. Originally from Seattle, Washington, they are now based in New York, New York. The band's members are the Trachtenburg family father, Jason Trachtenburg, who plays guitar and piano and sings; the mother, Tina Piña, who runs the slide projector and is a backup singer; and the daughter, Rachel, who plays the drums and sings. Born on December 10, 1993, Rachel was only six years old when she began performing publicly.

Their trademark is the slideshow itself: slides collected from "estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores, etc." are constantly shown in order to "turn the lives of annonymous [sic] strangers into pop-rock musical expos[é]s based on the contents of these slide collections". The band sings about things that occurred in the places shown in the slides, such as public execution (Mountain Trip to Japan, 1959) and McDonald's' competitors' "using network television to take advantage of efficiency" (Wendy's, Sambo's and Long John Silver's).

Tina designs the clothing worn by the group and created the famous Rachel dolls, which are based on her daughter. All three Trachtenburgs are vegetarians. As of 2006, the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players are part of the USA Network's "Characters Welcome" campaign. Tina is writing a book about a day in the life of Rachel.

Jason Trachtenburg is also a solo artist. In 2000, he released his debut album, Revolutions per Minute, on Orange Recordings. His second album, Together, was released in 2006.

They have recorded on Bar None Records, Cass Records, Sarathan Records, and Tired and Lonesome Records. They also performed at the first Gel conference in 2003. A video for one song has appeared on Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin.

The Trachtenburgs made a brief appearance in Moby's music video for "New York New York". The video was directed by Reverend Jen, a friend of both Moby and the Trachtenburgs. The family were seen seated next to Reverend Jen and her dog, Reverend Jen, Jr, in an open-air restaurant, playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

As of December 2006, a group of New York University film students are shooting a feature-length documentary following the Trachtenburgs on their most recent tour.

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