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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


When my friend woke me up, I didn't even know where I was at. I had asked her to wake me up @ a certain time & she didn't, she woke me up like 15 minutes before Josh came to get us, so yeah I was pissed naturally. So we didn't have time to get coffee or eat, but I can't eat that early, I feel sick to my stomach. So off we go, she doesn't say one word to me as if SHE'S mad @ me! Yeah that makes sence? But she keeps telling her boyfriend to tell me to hurry up. We get to the airport & go our seperate ways. I had to wait, but I ate at this yummy breakfast place, got lotion @ the gift shop & got money out of an ATM for tickets (thinking ahead, even @ 7am) I sit & waited, seemed not that long before boarding. The weirdest thing, like I was going to be late. As always time snuck up on me, that cocki bastard! And I was almost running late, good thing there was this little guy w/ a cart asked if I needed a ride! Right in front of me! Perfect timing! So, I hopp on w/ my heavy bag & good thing because he drove to the very very very end of the airport! And me & the guy that hopped on after me were laughing because he was speeding & honking that little horn! We laughed again when we got to the end & looked @ each other & saying at the same time 'I would have had to walk this far? My god, good thing I took you'. I tipped him $2.00, but would have tipped him more if I had a five on me. I couldn't fummble thru my wallet, my plane was boarding. We blew each other kisses and I flew off. The plane ride was nice. Got into Oakland 25 minutes early, but since we were early there was another plane parked where we needed to be. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, they marked my luggage 'late'. She said there was no guarantee that my bags would be on the same plane as me, that I might have to wait for the next plane to come in w/ my bags! They were there! Thank all the gods. So, I asked charlie, this cute little old man behind the information desk where I'd catch the Bart. So I go stand out there & Jim calls me wondering where I'm at. So I get on this aipport bus to catch the Bart, there's these 2 wonderful people Kathy & Ron to which I would like to call my tour guides, the most funnest chaporons ever! They came along w/ me the intire way, showed me where to go, upstairs, downstairs, how to buy a Bart ticket. We got on the Bart together & talked about traveling & I told them about Tori tours & my friends. They thought it was so interesting! They were so helpful & friendly. I told them that I should take a picute of them as part of my journey. They just stood together & smiled. One of my fav. memories! With a wave and 'have fun' they were gone. I went upstairs to ground level and there I was! Across the street and about a block from The Paramount. So easy & all this w/ my suitcase and bag. Excellent! I walk up there, there's not a soul around. Except like a guy or two walking around. So I leave my bags there & went across the street to take pictures of the marquee. Then I go back & walk around the corner w/ my bags & guess who I see in that little parking lot on the corner? Of all people Ursula & Joe! Haha. So after awhile I go up to them & once again end up putting my bags in her car again. Then the 3 of us went to go find a place to eat, we got in the car & drove to Berkley. THIS WAS ONE OF MY FAV. TIMES ON TOUR & I WILL NEVER FORGET IT! We got out & walked around all over, looking @ the venders and shops and amebia. We found a pizza place & me not liking Italian food that much I wasn't that excited, but one of my New Year's resolution was/is to try new things or stuff I hardly eat. I loved this pizza, it was the best pizza I had tasted. I got tomato & basel add pineapple. We ate as the red hot chili peppers pumped out of the speakers. We went into this thrift shop & I just had to take a picture of the wigs 'cause it reminded me of ADP. Haha. Tori should have came out w/ a mullet wig. Haha.. We had so much fun. I bought 4 bumper stickers and we took a lot of photos. It was a beautiful day! We were trying to guess the setlist for the night on our drive back to The Paramount. We knew it was going to be generic 'cause of the DVD's. Oooh what fun! We get back and mingle. I see more friends and huggles were in order. I ran into some East Coast friends and we chatted. Some of these friends I haven't see for 4 years! We had a lot of catching up to do, but guess their minds were fixed on something else. Oh Well. Oh & it's pretty sad when you're so drunk that you can't even remember if you met someone before or twice. My god. Lame. So my Sammy J finally joins the tour here & we hug. Some time during this Lisa shows up w/ her bags, her flight delayed and she got there after me even tho. her flight was 3 hours before mine. I also text her while I was on the plane to let her know there were no Oakland meetngreets. So that early 7am flight was for nothing. But we were @ the Seattle meetngreet, so I don't know why she wanted to make it for that meetngreet? I don't know. But she put her bags in Jim's car and off we all went into a nice new resturant/cafe they had next to The Paramount. These people were smart because there was nothing else around for miles. They made a lot of money off me, my friends and all the other people who were there to see Tori for those 3 days! My other friend Joe that lived in LA, now lives in Berkley called me and let me know he was here! Hurrah! So he joined us at the cafe. And I found my beloved Drew & Kayla w/ baby. :o) It is always good to see them & catch up on things. Even tho. we text, it's not the same as seeing them in person. Always looking so goooood. Can't wait to meet your son, Aidan Valentino Ryan! I know he's going to be amazing! YOUR SON drew! How does that sound? Awesomely beautiful! - can't believe it! Sweet Kayla looks so beautiful all the time, but more so're gonna be a great mommy! That baby's lucky! Love you guys! I ran into Danny (you know tall Danny) haha. In the bathroom line it is always good to see him. & Glo. I'm not quite sure why she is so quiet this tour, she seemed tired or sad. She really didn't talk to anybody. Which reminds me, I've noticed a lot of my friends missing this tour. Some were busy & others said that they just wern't feeling tori as much anymore. I feel the same way. I will ALWAYS love tori, but lately I am missing the old tori & how things use to be. I miss the mystery, the excitment everyone had around her, things were special, eclectic. No wigs, no mainstream, no self promoting 24/7. I missed Danny Q., Christopher (what ever happened to him. I been trying to get a hold of him, but no one knows where he went to), missed Jim F., my girl Chrissie (love you), Dorena, Rasta, Mazzy (hiiiiii!), my babe Gary, Julia, little Kelly, Mark from Sanfran, Nick, even someone I didn't want to see Tito, and a lot of others- can't forget Schlyce and Sean who really didn't feel like going. It's kinda sad. But I totally understand. Believe me, I do. I was really tired of all the tour drama & the idiots that show up every show & call themselves 'tori fans' when they act totally oppisate of what tori believes in, what she preeches & sings. I am & always will be shell-shocked that these are tori people. These 2 faces idiots that fester & linger @ her shows. I remember the day when I first noticed this years & years ago. I sat back & watched, I couldn't believe my eyes, how these people acted, I remember looking down @ my ticket to make sure it was infact a Tori Amos concert I was at. This made me very sad. I pictured a whole intirely different scene of like-minded peeps. Boy was I disillusioned. This will be my question of the Century. Anyhow, so I was just missing seeing these faces, but I understand. I did get to see Jess's cute face. One of my favourite hookers of the whole bunch! We did spent some time, but not nearly enough. That's alright-we have our hiking/camping dates to look foward to! :o)
Before the show we all sat on the stairs by the bar downstairs. The 2 joe's, ursula, jim and running down the stairs, Kate & Chris! My homegirls. Haha. So glad to see my babers! Kate being one of my best friends & all. Me & Joe sat together that night, the other Joe in the row behind us. Front center Balcony (yes, I know but we had plans, think we didn't?) So it was our night to cut loose and dance and do what ever we wanted since we had balcony and just didn't care. I'll tell you ironiclly this was one of the funnest shows for me, because we could see tori pretty well & everyone (spy) & take In the beautiful architect of the building. Pretty good sound from there believe it or not. We danced like a couple of loons, while the other Joe thought we were crazy (just kiddin'). We later just danced our way downstairs and walked to the side and kneeled by a familiar face. OMG! It was my friend Mike from the San Fernando Valley! Small world. Small Tori world! Lol. The one I met breifly in a parrking lot @ Ralphs. my friend & I parked next to a white SUV w/ the license plate reading 'Tori Amos', my friend's 'Datura'. OMG, how funny is that? We waited for the people to come out, you know how it is. So, this guy comes out w/ his friend. We talked & laughed, showed him our plates. We been friends ever since! We only email/text since then. And there he was sitting in that seat where I so happened to stop. He was all like 'omg raven'! Haha. Infact he was holding the license plate that night, haha, don't ask me why! It was so cool. Then me & joe got pretty close to the stage. I got some pretty good photos. After the show I spent some time w/ lisa (bootleg lisa, I call her :o) ), Shelia and Jaime. Can't remember much after that. Oh yeah the set list-I got to see Santa for the first time. Santa's cool with me. I love 'Body & Soul' and 'She's your cocaine', 'Secret Spell' is a very lovely song live. You've got to do a 180.! That 'Bring your Dog' song, really don't like. But I do like the part where she says 'and ain't that a good thing' or something. Nice. This song reminds me of a 80's band playing at your local bar.
Who doesn't like 'Swirl', rock out! 'Big Wheel', 'Crucify' and 'Cornflake Girl' once again! I think I fell asleep. Kidding. Well, here she does one of my requested songs, 'Caught a lite Sneeze'! If this was the only song on the setlist everynight & she played it 15x's over and again, I would be in cream land. I'd never get sick of it! EVER! This is my #1 fav. song by Ms. Amos! The 'woman in the mirror' improv was nice & to hear tori talking again. Loved the message behind her words. I love Tori's Mother, when ever I hug her, it feels like home. A warmth I wish I had in a Mother. Mary sure has a strong life fource. So does her Father. Tori got that. 'Winter' is a fav. Never get sick of it. Cooling was nice 'cause it was the first time I heard it in a long while. So there were a few gems in there. I was pretty distracted these 3 days. By people, things happening around me & a lot on my mind. After the show we most likely ate @ taco bell since it was the only thing around. We ate there everynight. Sick. So, Jim, Lisa & I went back to Jim's house in San Jose which wasn't a very long drive at all. We went right to bed. Me & lisa, the loving couple, just kidding. She's the perfect person to sleep with, doesn't kick, she says she snores, but I never heard her and she never steals the blankets! Hey, we're blanket friends. It was soooo nice to see Jim's mom, dad & dog again. It's been way too long. I love that dog! I wish he was my dog, seriously. Loved the way they redone their bathrooms. Wow! All this & waking up @ 5:30am in Seattle, not too bad. You all should be proud of me.

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