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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

12/14- DAY OFF in my hometown

Don't remember much about what time I woke up. Manuel was already up & walking around & watching TV right where I was trying to sleep. Wtf? I told you I wanted to sleep in. People just don't get it do they? It was a day off, not like we had anywhere to be? We were gonna go run errands that I had to do, but nothing big. I got up, got ready. He kept bickering @ me to hurry up he was hungry. I was doing a few things around the house that needed to be done & here is this constant "hurry up, hurry up" doesn't help. Again annoying. So we go to TGIF's & get a bunch of different appetizers to share (what I calll "a picnic"). It was so yummy. We went to Rite aid after that, I had to get a few things. He wanted to go to Old Navy, so we did. I love Old Navy-I looked around & got arm loads of clothes to try on. Took 'em to the dressing room & just let you know I am fast, just like when I go groccery shopping. Have you ever seen 'Super Market Sweep'? Well, then you get the idea. So, I'm all rapido rapido & trying on pants, pj's, jackets-everything quickly. I'm finding a lot of shit I want & all happy. Putting everything I want in a pile & he shows up, rushing me when it was his idea to go there in the first place. Whateves! I remembered I had my camera in my purse & so I took some shots. Fun fun fun. I come out w/ my silver Pip jeans & manuel & the girl he made best friends with that worked there, said I had to get them. I came out there w/ loads of new clothes. He kept complaining about how cold he was. Complaining about this, complaing about that. I wanted to go to this little local record shop that sales vinyl. I was looking for a certain something that I had to get before the last 2 shows. We had to rush before they closed. I didn't find it, but we did have fun in there. I find a used ADP cd for $9.00 & for some reason I couldn't stop laughing. Then I held up my fav. BOYS FOR PELE! Always have been, always will be. One of the best albums ever made in the history of record making. :o) It doesn't get any better than BFP. At least we had fun in the record store. I remember being very tired that day. I think we both were. Don't remember much after the record store, I think we went to Borders. I told him that I was really tired & meant to rest on the day off from tour. That I was gonna run in real fast to look for the one thing I wanted. I really wanted to go home & rest. He wanted to come in & look around, which is fine-but he took forever, looking for x-mas gifts for his family. Then we went to Target- and I swear that's when I felt dizzy & wanted to really make this a quick thing. I was going in there to look for a couple things I needed. They didn't have. So we were supossed to meet @ a certain time @ a certain spot. He wasn't there & I took 20 minutes walking the intire store looking for him. Then he would keep disappearing. I was so pissed. We were in there for way too long. I found him again & he helped me look for some flats. Couldn't find any. We paid & left. It was late by the time we got out. I just remembered we stopped @ Longs before going to Borders. I was doing my thing & he was off being annoying. Sighing. Saying hurry up. He seemed bored everywhere, except target. He was acting so different from how I use to know him to act. I was beginning to think "oh great". "Ohh fun". So after target we went to a little cafe, I needed my coffee, he wanted something sweet. We go-eat-talk-take a few photos. Maybe this happened somewhere inbetween all the shopping. Maybe it's a day I don't wanna remember. Seriously, the mind works in mysterious ways sometimes. We get back home & took some photos in the house, just goofing round. Don't remember anything after that so... Guess we went to bed soon after? ...

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