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Monday, March 24, 2008

Kate & Raven's weekend-San Luis Obispo, ocean, wine, bruises & Solvang!

All of the lovely photos at myspace

(by the way I'm leaving out a lot of detail here)-
I had such a wonderful time seeing my baby Kate. The weekend was beautiful, one to remember and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
It was Kate's birthday on the 10th, so we decided to celebrate it on her days off that Friday & Saturday. She had to go back to work early Sunday which sucked, but I'll cherish our 2 days (which we fit a week's worth of stuff in them anyways). I took a train ride along the coast and looked out into the ocean almost the intire way. Friday morning I left to San Luis Obispo and she was driving down from Oakland to meet me. Her parrents live in SLO. And what a wonderful home they have! Her parrents-omg! The coolest mom and dad ever. Their funny, interesting, young at heart, and warm. They were very welcoming. Told me I could come back any time and that it was my home away from home. My god, how sweet. So, kate pick's me up from the train station, we went to drop my stuff off at their house, my god-I went crazy in there. We went to meet her Daddy who was working to the bookstore he owned. So quaint and cute. We then went off to a corner market to get the world's best sandwitches. And I am picking because meat grosses me out a lot of the time. But this shit was heaven. I got a turkey sandwitch. The way you order your sandwitch was pretty cool too. You get a red pencil crayon like thing and fill out this little slip & circle what you want. Got our sandwitches to go to the beach. All along the way Kate's showing me where she grew up, her old house & schools, her old apt. on the beach. The town is so green, quiet and peaceful. We went to the beached & talked and had fun- but sand storm had us leaving early-that's ok because we still had dinner to go to w/ her parrents and the hot tub w/ kitties. No the kitties wern't in the water! Came back home, had some wine, talked on the patio, took piccys of the garden, I fell hard (the best fall I ever had) seriously. We laughed for well over a half hour, kate peed her pants & she kept telling me that like 20 times. Haha. I was stuck & couldn't get up. I was upside down on a hill and leggs in the air and the blood was rushing to my head. LOL. I swear I'll never forget it. It shpuld have been on America's funniest videos, oooh we would have won! I tried to stop myself from falling, took 3 steps and there I went down. Haha. As I'm in her mother's big potted plant, her dad walks up the sidewalk, coming home from work. Oh great. What a good first impression. Well, good thing I met him before at the book store. Oh oh oh how can I forget- we stopped @ a liquor store before coming to the house and I found my Sprees! Shit! I almost bust a nut! I can never find these where I live! So, I went a little basurk! So what! Hahaha, those photos were fun! We talked in the garden, then decided to get ready to go out for dinner w/ her mom & dad. I met her mom & we ate at Tahoe Joe's. We all had a nice talk. Came home, hot tub and fun and things. Came home, she put on the PJ's I bought her. I got on the computer as she fell asleep. It was like 2:30 went I crawled into bed. -Next morning Solvang - we been planning this for like 8 months. We had so much fun there! All the little shops and goodies. And that one weird scary resturant we went into just to check it out. Haha. They had a ton of junk and weird random crap around and in the place. It was all too much. We went in and this big heavy lady w/ some sort of cape jacket told us sternly, "this is how we do it here, we been doing for years. She looked like that scary lady from Poltergeist. We go in there, there's this old upright piano, weird junk laying around, life size dolls hanging from the wall BY THEIR NECKS that is. Wtf! Haha. Then there's this one family of mutes sitting at the table eating. They were so quiet and not talking to one another. The resturant was like that- you could hear a pin drop. Eerie kinda quiet, y'all. Everything was a dollar! I wish you were all there 'cause it's so hard to explain. Kate just nugged me to go, she put her hand on my back and she didn't have to say a word. I was out the door. We just laughed & laughed. I mean, who was cooking? I could just imagine who was back there. Eewwwww. We found The Red Viking, a perfect resturant and I will be going back there. The food was to die for. Yummy. So, we had fun there. We came home and her mom and dad were there. Her mom called us in the room to watch you tube videos, she is so cute & young at heart I swear! I had her watch some Kate Bush videos and Paula Cole. She wanted something "happy" she said. We watched America's most wanted while eating her Father's homemade chicken and fish tacos. Omg! He slaved for like 2 hours! Thanks so much! We all talked. Off to bed, I stared out of the window into the garden & flowers as I feel asleep. The next morning when I got up kate already left for work. She had to drive back up to Oakland @ 6am. I spent half the day there w/ her dad. He dropped me off at the train station. Hugs me goodbye and off I go... I was sad to leave. But I'll be back again. I know I will. Thanks Kate for having me and tell your parrents I love them! xo

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