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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So I took a goodbye photo by that venus poster before we left. Goodbye in all kinds of ways. Yeah. Yes.
We took to the road, we were going to drive to LA, stay the night then leave early in the morning. I wanted to drive straight to Arizona that day and get a hotel by the venue. So when we stopped to get a coffee @ last minute jim's all 'why don't we just go today'. -um, heeeelllllo, I been sayin' that the whole time. So we go for it & it turned out to be another ONE OF MY FAV. tour MEMORIES. Just me, jim and lisa on this beautiful back road and THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HEARD 'TAKE ME WITH YOU' and I can not describe how it felt. It was a perfect song for this drive. Beautiful day, weather, big blue sky and trees, 2 of my fav. people in the car w/ me and hearing a new tori song for the first time (well, new to me). and why is it new for me-well, several reasons. But I think I heard it once about a year ago, faintly & I was house cleaning. So, I really hardly remembered it. I remember the piano intro tho. I am in love with this song & can't get enough of it. It sends me to another place. Peaceful & calm-not the fast-paced place I'm at now. But, 'bare feet running with you' -that's me. 'Chase rabbits into their burrows' -'Somewhere the rainbow ends my dear' oohhh god, do I love that. 'Take me with you' - my new found obsession. What a gem tori & just think it almost didn't happen. Thanks Mark & Marcel ;o)....And just think I got to see tori perform it in Anaheim, perfect eye shot, I finally got those chills I use to get at past tori shows. And they were back full force. She made such an endearing look when she sang certain parts of the song. She looked out and at me and I couldn't even see her wig anymore, it was just that thin beautiful tori hair we all love and I could even see that old tori for a second. It was wonderful. it was surreal. Oh shit sorry-back to the drive. Haha.
It was lovely, relaxing and didn't take us long to get to the San Franando Valley to pick up Sammy j on the way. We stopped @ Borders on the way 'cause Jim wanted to get something. We spent waaay too long in there & me & lisa couldn't find Jim. Heemm, wonder where he took off to? I went upstairs to the bathroom, when I come out to wash my hands there's this easter basket full of tampons on the counter and I have never seen it like this before. I had to take a couple photos w/ it. Haha. Then we get to Sammy's house & she throws her bags in the trunk & then she walks me back into her house to go to the bathroom. It was nice seeing her mom there and her dog again. We pull out of her driveway @ around 8:00. On our way to Arizona we had fun, even tho I was very very tired & my leggs were penned up against the seat (note: never sit behind Jim w/ his daddy long leggs!). I had hardly no room. We listen to loads of cd's & talked. I mostly looked out the window at the stars. I was so tired but couldn't sleep. It's really hard for a person w/ major sleeping disorders to travel. Most people don't understand it and it's beyond frustrating. So we get to Arizona...

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