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never tell

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sweet E.

Your words and the road just rolls out from behind me
What did you do Today Mr Sweet E.?
I think about you in dirty ways
As I stare out into the wild blue yonder.
Was I tragically underrated and ignored?
crooning and weeping in the falling rain
dreaming of the night
we sit side by side
outdoors on the stoop
under the old tree
Laced with glowing Latterns
and the Sea by your cottage
is mine to drown in.
You make me Restless and Melancholy,
it's so bittersweet.
So tragic, so awful.
Sweet E. with your sweet ease
what did you do Today?
I am planning to sit side by side
under that old beautiful tree
and the Sea View by your house and you
are mine all mine
to drown in.

August 21, 2005 (5-6pm)

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