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Friday, March 21, 2008

omg! an old tori stori/blog I found today..

* I forgot all about this old site I had with a handful of journal entries in it. This was one of them. I don't know where that picture of me & tori is? How weird.*
[the blog entry says- Dec. 1, 2003]

Jay Leno and my lil' chat w/ Tori

I saw Tori tonight on Jay Leno. was happy
to see all my friends there and not so happy to see others that I
dislike. Anyways, I sat right behind the camera man and Tori did a
beautiful *winter* and then we waited outside for her to pull
up...and I feel so fucking stupid.

Tori: "Hiii, Raven,it's really good to see you, it's always good to
see you"

Raven: " It's good to see you too" (looking at her blouse,and then
thought later that she was probally thinking that I was staring at
her boobs as I said that!!!) I feel so dumb that I couldn't look her
in her eye. Usually I do, guess I was off that day?

**I wasn't planning on Talking to her at all and just wanted to
stand in the background and take photos. Didn't turnout like that.

then some small talk and chitter chatter...

I said to her "tonight was beautiful"...she smiled at me and said Thank
you, Thanks so much"

I said " Oh oh I have something for you and reached in my back jeans
packetpants and grabbed out that photo Tori and the stick where she
is giggling and has a big smile"

Tori, in her 4 inch thin thin heels jumps up and down once
and laughs and says "this is great"

and she gave me another hug and I asked to take a photo with her
and she says "of course" and we pose.

I think there was more, but I am running on 2 hours of sleep and have
a MAJOR migrane headache.

I'll tell you about the "Sickos" the next post, I'm at Suzanne's and
she's waiting to use her computer.

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