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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

12/08 - 2nd OAKLAND SHOW

Next day we get up get ready & hop in the car. Lisa's hair was prefect on this day. Haha. And such a lovely dress. She looked beautiful. We stopped by the store to get some cash. I got some bottled water & baby food, ONLY bananna, apricot, & hawaiian delight I like, so I don't wanna hear it! So we're back in that corner cafe sipping on a glass of hot tea. Soooo good! All the sudden I see this girl swing open the door and rush over to me & I'm thinkin' 'what's this crazy girl doin?' Then she gets closer and yells 'Raven'! It was Theresa! Most of you will know her as 'the girl w/ the pink mohawk'. I was sooo happy to see her. I haven't seen her since Scarlet's Walk. So it was funny, here the 3 girls that did the Scarlet tour together again, me, lisa & theresa only person missing was Katey and she joined the tour later @ the end. It was beyond words.
Chasidy, Jim's friend who got him into tori years ago was there too. She's so cute. Ursula, Joe, lisa & shelia showed up. Off to get tix. Spent more time w/ Drew, Kayla & Aidan. Their so funny! Give me a laugh when I need one!
The show- yea! We got Pip again! Good. As everyone knows that the fuckers that worked there were camera nazi's, & seat nazi, drink nazi's, everything-wouldn't let me bring my water in, got me out of my seat 'cause of my camera (no big deal, I just got up, went pee, came back & sat in a better seat-thanks dude, you did me a favor cock sucker). I should have scratched his white SUV that I watched him get into after the show. I got some good shots this night. I have to read more about my camera, there's so much stuff this little creature does! I have a feeling I'll find a better setting for concert photograpy. Oh well, it is what it is.
The show-
2nd night & taping for the Dvd. Same 6 Pip songs were done that I already seen.

Again, 'Big wheel', 'Crucify', & 'Cornflake girl'. My fav. were in there-'Space dog', Putting the damage on' & 'Cloud on my tongue'. Good to see Under the pink & Pele come out. The rest of the show I already seen. Too many times. Yawn. I was feeling really down & wondering what the hell was going on. Everybody was ranting about how great this tour was & how good the shows were and I just wasn't seeing it. I was cold & tired & just wanted to go home (jim's home). So. Jim, Lisa & I left to go back to his place & we went to bed. Me & Lisa were too tired to talk. I laid there & thought How things are different. I thought about how old Tori was getting. I thought about how old I was getting. I thought how I missed Joel, I thought about how I missed The Dent. All the things that made this little tori world of mine a happy little place. The mystery is gone. I thought about how crappy the merch was & how I haven't bought anything from the last 2 tours. How newbies think they can come in & tell the OG's what to do-funny! I refuse being bossy, demanding, agressive, a ass kisser or putting myself out there as a tix whore that would do anything to get front row, as I witnessed a few doing just that in Oakland. I don't need to be all up in someone's face & rubbing up on them, nor spending 2 hours around the corner alone w/ Smitty. Disgusting. It's sad to see friends just change into something not so pleasant right before your eyes. But I say to myself again & again 'seems as if we're circling for VERY different reasons'. I watched things go down in Oakland that turned me off. That shit wasn't cool. I was thinking about all these things & more...till finally I fell to sleep. Goodbye tori world...

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