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never tell

never tell

Friday, March 21, 2008

Love me if you dare


Love me if you dare
follow the scent in the breeze
to my secret place
behind iron gates
I will appear
locked up inside
the cell in my brian
cancel all reservations
and let go of your preconcieved notions,
my little sparrow.
pomigrantes, pollywogs and me
you won't be unhappy
I'm after freedom,
After freedom
maybe you can help me?
come visit me in dreamtime
dandylion frenzee.
You think you're invisable,
but I see you.
chasing me through Appleton Estate
in the saddest rainstorm.
solitaire, solitude, eroticism.
obsessively delusional, I think not.
corner of lost dreams
and aborted hopes
left behind.
I don't even try anymore.
they could never see
they could never see
but you do-
watch it unfold
watch me come undone.
you journeyed to my dark shadows
without a second thought.
Take with me, that emotional stroll,
on my way to comitt homiside.
they deserved it, they deserved it!!!
wish you all were here
for this greatest show on earth.

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