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never tell

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thanks to Anna, Jessie and Mike...xoxo

For taking the time out to email me, text me and leave me a comment telling me how my ADP blog Inspired you to start writing your own (hey better late than never I say). How my blog made you cry! (omg! thanx Mike) and how you, Anna are teaching music in Manila and this was the first Tori tour you missed since '96 and it made you really sad and how you can live thru my blog now. Thank you Joe as well for texting me and letting me know you enjoyed reading them. It's makes me feel good that I can inspire people and that my blogs can bring you to tears (in a good way).
haha. It was a lot of hard work, took me a long time to write and stress getting the photos in their proper order and I really do appreciate the feedback.
The rest of you can fuck off...

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